Stephen Calhoun, African Alchemy Totem #3

African Alchemy Totem #3

African Alchemy Totem #3

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African Alchemy Totem #3photographic mixed process printed to aluminum72X48X1"

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Mixed process manipulation of photograph of set-up, organic materials & found objects.
My aim was overwhelming and entrancing mystery all-at-once.

Tags: digital, mixed process, photograph, printed, prints, original, aluminum, circle, rectangular, square, collage, new media, mixed media

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The Artist

Stephen Calhoun

profile Page

Mission Statement:

I create art to be experienced. Each artwork is the result of an experiment. My hope is that engaged viewers complete the experiment by seeking, and discovering, their own unique view.

A ten year-old girl captured this intent: "I had to reconfigure my brain to see deeper into your picture." Yes!

My photographic artwork is based in subjecting photographs of set-ups, shot in my backyard, to further processing. I also create generative artwork based in my photographs.